Appearance... I have noticed that I am starting to resemble the artwork in museums... Milestones.... As you get older you have certain things that happen which are sure indicators that you are moving into a new phase of your life. For example, in my late forties, early fifties, my children all got together and gave [...]

When my father passed away , I was lost. I was lost in the way that a familiar star was no longer in my nightly sky. I expressed some emotion, but not nearly as much as I was feeling nor as often. So what should one do with that pent up emotion? I decided, without [...]

That time of the year...for dreaming about spring. We've decided our deck needs some help after 20 years or so. We are going replace it with a patio that will be ground level. I'll post some videos along the way. (Probably should have hired people who are younger and stronger and more flexible-but that would [...]

I am a doubter, unfortunately, of just about everything. This creates problems and a boatload of inconsistencies in my life. For example, I have always admired, from a good arm's length away, those individuals who are extremely confident in their religious beliefs. I think to myself (Who else could I think to? If I think [...]

Lately I have been listening to music and reading books...a lot. The early darkness of winter combined with an avoidance of American television news programs, my main viewing habit, requires that I alter my activities a bit.  Also, I have been reading a lot more because Stephen King wrote, in his book I just read [...]

First day of 2018 means two things to me: clean out some corners and consider becoming a more successful human.  We'll start with the corners first. Since all our children moved out years ago, we have a couple of extra rooms. One room actually has two names, for some time now it has been called [...]