Two years ago I decided to get some baby chicks. (I think it is still posted in my blog for February 2016 somewhere here.) Why chickens? Because I like watching them walk, run, eat. They calm me down. They are 100% engaged in being what they are. When I got the day old chicks, I [...]

A few years ago, I found myself on a stage with a former student of the high school where I was speaking. He had a very popular song at the time and he was there to encourage the students to complete their high school education. A year or so later, he was dead - the [...]

It seems that life can be  divided into two major stages: 1) You go to a lot of weddings 2) You go to a lot of funerals. I am in Stage Two. I am not a big fan of the church where I spent most of my youth. I can't tell you exactly why. I [...]

I wrote this song from a simple little back and forth chord progression. I wanted the verses to sound differently from the rest of the song. In the beginning I had no idea what the song was about and the idea of linking it to the Greek myth of Pegasus came late in the song's [...]

I am sitting at the dining room table. I take so much for granted, rarely realizing how much is around me. So I stop, and, I look. The tulips sit on top of a table where so many of my loved ones have gathered around for meals and laughter and even sometimes, tears. The tulips [...]