Up News etc.

First of all, I changed my blog’s tagline from “Mental Images” to “One Life” for lots of reasons.

Here is the latest update on the landscaping project which actually we haven’t done any landscaping yet. Isn’t that how projects usually go – you have to go backwards first sometimes?

And then, here is a new song which will be the first track on my new cd, “Songs from the Shed.”

It is titled “If You’re Looking for Crazy.” One of the thingz I have notized on social media sites is the tendency to project the very best of one’s personality, wisdom, soul…often posted with some catchy affirmation.

So let me be straight with you, I am not a well functioning person in so many ways. I am often confused, tempted, lazy, mean, and vindictive.  I can be self centered, manipulative, and never forget a wrong done to me.

On the other hand, I silently tear up when thinking about all the love around me and I think I would give up my life, immediately, to save the life of a family member.  I love our dog and pet her way too much. I even provide way too much caring oversight for the chickens.

Yet, I can easily get jealous. I can turn on people quickly. I have a temper, when I feel threatened or violated, that seems to have no boundaries. A therapist I really liked once told me that I have a raging murderer inside of me. I like to think he was exaggerating some, but he did have point though. Although I never initiated violence, I have responded with it.

I love children. I love life. I will fight for what I believe is right. When viewed as portfolio of actions…If You’re Looking For Crazy….you’ll find it in me.