I am sitting at the dining room table. I take so much for granted, rarely realizing how much is around me. So I stop, and, I look.

The tulips sit on top of a table where so many of my loved ones have gathered around for meals and laughter and even sometimes, tears. The tulips themselves are glorious mysteries that open up during the day and then close at night, like a shopkeeper.

Beyond that, on the wall is a yarn painting from the Huichol people of Mexico. Their folk art is colorful, symbolic, and spiritual.

Just above the yarn painting hangs a plant that blends the inside with the feeling of the outside- a constant, unobtrusive reminder of the natural world.

Then there is a homemade table that a loving family member made from old, used lumber. Below the top of the table is another section that holds the large bowls often used for cooking and baking.

Of course there is a microwave, one of those unintended consequences of NASA’s space program…along with a drink called Tang.

Also on top of the homemade table is a bowl of oranges and bananas. The bananas are constantly turning a darker and darker color, sometimes on their way to becoming part of a wonderful, warm banana bread. Love banana bread, just out of the oven with some butter melting over it.

All this just within two arm lengths of me. When you really, I mean, really think about it along with increasing your awareness of the present moment, we are surrounded by incredible stories. This chair that I sit on, as I write with one thumb poke at a time on my cell phone, without absolutely any awareness of how lucky I am to sit on it in comfort, is just the latest example of my unawareness. I have to work on that.