I wrote this song from a simple little back and forth chord progression. I wanted the verses to sound differently from the rest of the song. In the beginning I had no idea what the song was about and the idea of linking it to the Greek myth of Pegasus came late in the song’s development when I started thinking about looking up to the stars.

I think there are 3 basic ways to write songs: from inspiration, from a craft person’s technique, and the very best songwriters create from inspiration with care for the craft of songwriting. Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon, Carole King are examples of those who can do this.

I will never be that type of songwriter, but I am grateful for being able to tap into the inspiration part of it all. For me, new songs are delivered through some unseen frequency, like they are just floating out there waiting to be received. I think it is very closely related to mental illness actually (which is what one of the songs, “Make Believe,” I recorded for Songs from the Shed is all about.)

Wherever they come from, here is a new one.