Just an Observation

A few years ago, I found myself on a stage with a former student of the high school where I was speaking. He had a very popular song at the time and he was there to encourage the students to complete their high school education.

A year or so later, he was dead – the victim of a drive-by shooting. Here is a video of his song:


Like most Americans living in rural areas, I grew up around guns, not a lot of them, and they were not military rifles. They were used for hunting. But since us kids developed more of an apetitie for less-gamey tasting food, my dad stopped hunting. I think the real reason is that he no longer felt good about killing animals. I think it made him cry. But, I do understand why people want their hunting rifles and skeet shooting shot guns. I do not understand why people want, and why we allow, military assault weapons in our country. To be totally honest with you, if you have those weapons, I think you are really a bit twisted.

At the same time I have wondered how much of my tax dollars have gone toward killing innocent people who were among our enemies? Aren’t I part of that killing? It is like some national drive-by shooting. This bothers me very much and so that is where this next song originated from. I know it is complicated, I know good people disagree with me, but it still it doesn’t feel right to my soul.

These thoughts and events and hundreds, no thousands, of other tragedies involving guns, violence, ignorance, revenge is what created this song for me.