I woke up this morning tired. My right heel has a burning sensation that wakes me up at night when I move my foot to a different position while sleeping. I thought about staying home, but my work ethic is sometimes just plain ignorant of what is best for me. When I got to work, [...]

I was driving to work today and started thinking about all the people I know and what they have faced in their lives and yet continue to be loving people... My Loving Friends have... Lost their young children to the most tragic of circumstances... Delivered babies...and cared for their mothers... Patiently worked with those who [...]

It is the first day of spring on the North 40 latitude. We made it. I am not fond of winter's darkness. I don't enjoy the long shadows that are produced by a sun that is lower on the horizon. (I know, I know...what a wuzz I am...especially for you who live North 50/South 50 [...]

She had many names, but usually was called Nona. I asked her once what Nona meant and she told me, "The oldest and the wisest of the tribe." I was young and I had no reason to doubt her, but I later found out that she was just demonstrating her always present sense of humor. [...]

Sometimes, I like to think.  Perhaps, not enough because I find it hard to do. They say when you think hard, your pupils dilate and your blood pressure increases.  Hard thinking is hard on your body. It is easier to just quickly categorize, simplify, and move on. I am slowing posting my 2nd album on [...]

I am not a man who cleans up nicely. The few times I used to wear a suit (coordinated coat/pants) I felt very uncomfortable and like a fraud. When I walked around dressed up, I looked liked a roaming pile of dirty laundry. I felt like I should have been going to a  costume party, [...]