Not Again

I am not a man who cleans up nicely. The few times I used to wear a suit (coordinated coat/pants) I felt very uncomfortable and like a fraud. When I walked around dressed up, I looked liked a roaming pile of dirty laundry. I felt like I should have been going to a  costume party, “Hey look everybody, Gary’s a business man. …hahahahaha”

I’m very comfortable and feel more like myself when wearing tennis shoes, (They aren’t called tennis shoes any longer, what do you call them? Adidas, Converse etc.) I prefer wearing Levi’s and a white, heavy duty cotton tee shirt. Occasionally I will go on a shopping spree though and buy khaki pants and plaid shirts for work. Nearly everytime I do this, I forget to take off at least one sticker. It is usually the one that indicates the size of my new clothes. Often the sticker is stuck on my ass (if pants) and on the back of the collar (if a shirt). I have also had a couple very embarrassing incidents with the zipper of my pants – but we should get to know one another better before telling those stories.

This past weekend, I  bought a 4 pack of those tee-shirts I like so much and yesterday I put one on and then pulled a v-neck sweater over it. I was nice and comfortable. I even thought to myself, “Well, no embarrassing stickers on these plain white tee-shirts and if there were any, my sweater would cover it up!” Yes, I actually thought this because the size stickers have embarrassed me so many times.

I went through the day meeting with a variety of people, doing my thing, talking, presenting, and that kind of stuff until heading out to lunch with a friend. As soon as he saw me he said, “Hey you got something stuck on your neck…hahaha…did you just get some new tee-shirts?”


The sticker was from the inside of the front collar of the shirt. It had taken a little journey up my neck and I was clueless about it. Isn’t that just wonderful?