Chicken: The sick little red hen is making a comeback. Her neck is still doing odd things, but she was able to peck at food on the ground today without her neck going upside down! She had a ferocious appetite and it looks like she has lost almost 25% of her weight. Her feathers are also in bad shape. Yet, she ran to me to see if I had any special food for her this afternoon. We put electrolytes in her water along with continuing to give her vitamins through an eye dropper. Her sense of balance is…well she doesn’t have much of a sense of balance yet.

Landscaping: it has been snowing here on and off for the past week or so. It is too wet and cold to be doing much. My old bones hurt in the cold. (3 knee operations from American football as a kid.) However, the new, expensive paint we put on the deck is peeling off already. Now we have to water blast it off. Dang.

Since we got robbed a couple of years ago, ( go back to January 2016 blogs if you want to see the dark side of me. I am still pissed at those assholes.) I installed some security cameras. The video below shows you a bear that comes around the house. He was right outside our bedroom window. There is a mountain lion roaming around too now. Makes you think twice before walking around at night.

Take care!


Sick Chick Update

Well, what do I say?

The sick little hen is not dead. Twice a day, she gets fed a concoction of an internet-advised solution. Selenium, vitamins, crushed layer feed, molasses in water. Her head is now not upside down on the ground. She can hold it up straight for a bit, but when she bends it down to eat, it flops down at about a 45 degree angle instead of being completely upside down.

When I go out to retrieve her in the morning, I keep thinking, “Please Lord, don’t let me come out and  find the entire flock with their heads upside down.”

It takes us about 45 minutes to feed her. She is getting a little bit feisty, where before she just laid down like dirty laundry.

Here’s a short video so you can live it too!