Giddy Up! If I ever was going to make a music video from one of my songs, this would be it. (Old, dusty ghost town...swinging doors open up to a empty western bar...slowly ghost like images appear...some gruff looking old men around a card table, playing poker and drinking whiskey...a mysterious, beautiful Mexican woman appears [...]

Chicken: The sick little red hen is making a comeback. Her neck is still doing odd things, but she was able to peck at food on the ground today without her neck going upside down! She had a ferocious appetite and it looks like she has lost almost 25% of her weight. Her feathers are [...]

Well, what do I say? The sick little hen is not dead. Twice a day, she gets fed a concoction of an internet-advised solution. Selenium, vitamins, crushed layer feed, molasses in water. Her head is now not upside down on the ground. She can hold it up straight for a bit, but when she bends [...]