That Time Again

In America, at a certain time in your life, we like to buy a new bicycle…and store it away in our garages. It is kind of a rite of passage thing.

Two years ago, I bought a shiny red bicycle. I have ridden it exactly, oh let me add this up….once two years ago, and hmm, once last year. Yes, I have ridden it twice.

Today after building a couple more planter boxes for our landscaping project, I sat down to watch my favorite sports team, the San Francisco Giants. Then I thought, “Man you can’t sit on your ass all afternoon. Go ride your bike.”

Naturally when I went out to check on the nearly new bicycle, the tires were flat on it. Why do I say naturally? Because it is a given that whenever I decide to ride, even when I used to ride 3 hours a day, the tires will be flat. It is a personal curse upon me and mine.

Yet, that was not going to stop me from ride #3! What was going to stop me was raising my leg up over the bike seat. I am the first living person who has early onset rigamortis, or is it spelled rigor mortis – seems to be some disagreement on the old World Wide Web about the spelling of it. However I figured it out- I found a curb where I was going to ride which allowed me to get about 6 inches higher and I was able to swing my leg like a broom stick over the bike seat.

Off I went. Look at what a beautiful place I rode by, rigamortified and all!

When I came back, I sat by and under some Japanese Maple trees and their leaves have just opened.

Then I remembered some pictures I took at work last week as I walked around our campus.

And then I thought about the turkeys I saw during a walk yesterday.

And then I thought about a family gathering we had for Easter last week and I made 2 of the 7 grandchildren take a selfie with me.

And then I thought…I am a very fortunate man who is surrounded by love and beauty. I should ride my bike more often. It is good for the soul.