A Landscaping Truce

We have decided it is time to take a break from our landscaping project. Reason number one: It is getting expensive. Reason number two: We are tired. We will complete the railing, water pressure the old paint off and repaint the deck at a more leisurely pace.

Here are some photos of what we, with lots of loving help, got done so far.

New pool liner installed (and lilacs about to bloom!)

New pathway from pool to around the new lower deck. And, new planter boxes planted with tomatoes, squash, and decorative pumpkins that will climb over wire and create a short trellis to walk through.

New deck and rock patio and plants and Japanese maples.

And looking out of dining room window, the dogwoods are blossoming.

This evening, I will plant peppers by the chicken coop and sow some cut flower seeds in another area. I will also plant some bush bean seeds in a planter box we built that already had pole beans just planted.

What will I do with my spare time? Going to fish for bass in Lake Oroville on Friday afternoon (catch and release) and maybe, just maybe play a round of golf on Sunday! My New Years resolution was to read 20 books, fish 20 times, and golf 20 times. The score so far is 11 books read, 0 fish, and 0 golf.

Time to adjust!

And now I will randomly type three letters to see what parting autocorrect message I might have for you…

This dogma Chu house strong.

There you have it, autocorrect wisdom. This is actually making me laugh a bit. Try it.