My 2018 New Years Resolution was to read 20 books, go fishing 20 times and play 20 rounds of golf.

So far, I have read 11 books. Yesterday I went fishing for the 2nd time this year. I’ve played golf a total of…zero times.

Here is a video of some of my time on the river yesterday along with some of my other favorite places. (Mt. Lassen, Sedona) Also,  photos of my father with me, a couple of my cousins that I grew up with and rarely get to see, and a photo of my 2 youngest grandchildren. All this kind of arranged to a song I recorded.

Yes, I think we need to howl at the moon more often!



3 thoughts on “11-2-0

  1. What a lovely part of the world! Love the video, photos and song. The photo of your Dad is wonderful. Life is good when you howl at the moon.


    1. Hi David, we do have some very pretty places close by and yes, I think Howling at the moon is a darn good idea! I was just playing around on my phone with some videos and photos and thought “hey, maybe I’ll out put it all to some music.”


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