I went to work today with an idea- see how many nice things you could do for others. I was thinking I could get possibly up to 100 nice things done today. When I arrived at work, I saw a colleague unloading her car by herself and instead of just walking into the building, like [...]

Just 15 minutes from our house is this pretty little lake. As I got ready to go kayaking with my family, they said, "With that look, if I didn't know you and ran into you in the woods, I would definitely avoid you." Maybe time to shave? Paddling around, with the water so clear, I [...]

Since playing around in the sandbox of social media for a couple of years now, I have found that the exclamation mark has been greatly devalued and now needs to be used multiple times in a sentence!!! I was always taught to use the exclamation mark sparingly because it was like shouting. However, that is [...]

(One reason that I started to blog was to find out if I would like to write and to see if I could write.  One of my very early posts was about a person who is very important in my life. Since I first posted that story, I have spent some time editing it, adding [...]

I, eventually, grew up attending a Southern Baptist church. And, I always believed that nobody does the threat of going to Hell and facing eternal damnation, not to mention the pain of being constantly on fire, any better than the Southern Baptist. They can do it in the most pleasant manner too, often with a [...]

A Sunday night memory: My grandfather would sometimes start a conversation with me by saying, "Just between you, me and the fence post..." which meant I was to keep what followed to myself. It made me feel a bit special, as if he actually thought I could keep a secret. (I couldn't. We actually had [...]