Since playing around in the sandbox of social media for a couple of years now, I have found that the exclamation mark has been greatly devalued and now needs to be used multiple times in a sentence!!!

I was always taught to use the exclamation mark sparingly because it was like shouting. However, that is old school!-for sure!!  Nowadays, I see a string of them after phrases such as Hello my friend!!!!!! or Have a beautiful day!!!!!!!

I have to admit that I am no longer comfortable using just a period at the end of a social media message. It sounds like I don’t care, or I am half asleep. Nothing says I Love You more than six exclamation marks.

The gods of the internet, they live in Wikipedialand, tell me that the exclamation mark comes from the Latin word io which meant hurray. Like, “Hey man, I haven’t seen you in a long time, hurray” The gods also share that slang words for the exclamation mark include a screamer, a gasper, a slammer, or a startler. Now maybe my mind is in the gutter, but three out of four of those words I could find sexually suggestive!!!!

I also have a problem with the name of the punctuation symbol. Is it a mark or a point? Perhaps in this era of never offending anyone, we should hyphenate it to be an  exclamation mark-point, but I kind of hate to drag the hyphen in on this whole sordid affair.

O.K., I have an idea. Let us create a new punctuation mark, or system of marks. Hang with me here. A ♛ might be worth ten marks-points. Or, perhaps it is time to redo the mark-point altogether. Say you’re using 12 point font, the mark-point should  be like really big

! and one ! would be enough!

Whatever the solution, we need to find one quickly!!!! As is often the case, the old American television program Seinfeld said it best!!!!!!!!!!!!!