A Little Time on the Lake

Just 15 minutes from our house is this pretty little lake.

As I got ready to go kayaking with my family, they said, “With that look, if I didn’t know you and ran into you in the woods, I would definitely avoid you.” Maybe time to shave?

Paddling around, with the water so clear, I could see a lot of fish. I went into this beautiful little cove. Love the reflection on the water.

Up in a tree was an osprey. Once on this same lake, my grandson was reeling in a fish and an osprey swooped down and also grabbed the same fish while trying to fly away with it. The fish was about 20 feet up in the air before the bird finally let go. Not a good day for the fish, for sure…caught on a fishing pole and by an osprey at the same time.

It was a good time.