Mr. Nice

I went to work today with an idea- see how many nice things you could do for others. I was thinking I could get possibly up to 100 nice things done today.

When I arrived at work, I saw a colleague unloading her car by herself and instead of just walking into the building, like everyone does when they see me unloading a bunch of food etc for a large event, I walked over and said, “Here, let me help you.” She was thankful and said she had a helper coming down to assist too, but could use my help. When her helper came down from their office -she being a woman of great wit and even greater sarcasm – the helper made a sarcastic comment about me helping them. To which I shot back, “Can’t you just accept some help without being mean about it?”

That’s it. That was how far I got being extra nice today. I think I have some room for personal growth in the arena of non-ego driven kindness.

So, I dedicate tomorrow to doing two random acts of kindnesszz. Maybe I will just swing by the donut shop and buy donuts for the office in the morning. One dozen pastries must equal at least 1 kindness. Two dozen, 2 kindnesses’sss and presto, mission accomplished!