For some reason, which I don't fully comprehend, I often long to be in the middle of nowhere. These middle of nowhere places are often not the most beautiful places in the world, in the typical sense - but they have another type of beauty. Last week we drove through a middle of nowhere. It [...]

Today is Father's Day in the U.S.. I miss my father, but thankful. Also thankful for all the other men in my life - those who coached me, taught me, cared for me, tolerated me, and prayed for me, all teaching me how to be a father. What do you do on Father's Day? We're [...]

Today I floated upon this rather over-sized pool floaty thing and I thought and felt... It was really the first day of my summer vacation...and so I did what I have often done, for more than 20 summers now - I put Jimmy Buffet's Banana Wind album on, turned up the volume and let it [...]

I just finished Thomas Merton's autobiography "The Seven Storey Mountain," written in 1943, I believe. It was quite a literary journey, but what touched me most was his description of his brother being shot down in WWII while returning to England after a bombing mission along with the poem that Merton wrote when finding out [...]