Let me share parts of my day with you.

This is what I see when I open my eyes in the morning. It is nice to start the day thinking how beautiful the flowers are outside the bedroom door.

We’re watching some grandchildren today and their grandmother has an arts and crafts project for them, so off we go to the arts and crafts store. I choose to go into Barnes and Nobles instead and get this really great tasting cup of iced tea, not bitter at all.

Then it is time to load up 4 kayaks for a trip up into the mountains tomorrow. Kind of excited because I got a new canoe and I’ll be able to take Gracie, our dog, with me. Even bought her a life jacket because she is a bit bottom heavy.

Then, one of my son-in-laws sends me a photo of a 28 pound striped bass he just caught this morning on the Sacramento River. Ok, I’m really jealous and kind of butt hurt-but that is a fisherman’s ego thing.

(On Friday, he and I went up to one of my favorite mountain golf courses, Fall River Mills, and really enjoyed ourselves. I think my golf score was about the same as my IQ score.)

Back to today- that craft project was bleaching out clothes using some awesome stencils. I was impressed.

Soon, it will be dark and I will be reading Stephen King’s new book. I am halfway through and that man is sick. He scares the heck out me and his writing is soooo gooood that I can’t put it down. In the middle of the night when I get up to get a drink of water, I’ll see shadows or hear a noise and I almost run back into my bed…and I am damn near 65 years old. The guy makes me afraid of my childhood boogie man all over again, but what a storyteller.