I Floated

Today I floated upon this rather over-sized pool floaty thing and I thought and felt…

It was really the first day of my summer vacation…and so I did what I have often done, for more than 20 summers now – I put Jimmy Buffet’s Banana Wind album on, turned up the volume and let it all just float on me, by me, with me.

I floated by Yesterday and thought about when I was sitting around in my office with 6 college students who are working with us this summer. They were laughing with that type of laughter that only the hopeful can laugh. I started thinking how much I have enjoyed working around hopeful young people these past 22 years or so and how much I will miss their collective spirit, when I finally retire. I almost got tears in my eyes thinking about all the young people I have met and have been a small part of their lives. I had to think to myself, “Don’t cry. You will never be able to explain it to them.”

I floated by my struggles to understand my spiritual beliefs. I have tried hard these past months and years to develop an authentic faith. I have “miles to go before I sleep.” (Poet, Robert Frost) Where am I with it all? I am thankful. I believe in God. I believe in God’s spirit. Two out of three ain’t bad. I still struggle with the presentation of Jesus by the Christian gatekeepers. So here is my prayer, ” ” (it is silence with a heart full of thankfulness.) I shall keep floating with this one.

Still floating, I felt the sun on my eyelids and thought, “You’re going to get skin cancer.” And then, I thought, “Tan fat is prettier than white fat,” and I floated some more.

I have 9 days off and hope to do some more floating. Might get some sunscreen lotion though.