Jumbled Thoughts from a Road Trip in June

It is the summer solstice and I am in Sun Valley, Idaho. Every year we try to take a little road trip to somewhere we haven’t been. We flew from Sacramento California to Boise Idaho, rented a F-150 and began experiencing.

Why Boise you might ask (and many did)? No particular reason besides the “never seen it” response. If I go again it would be because it is a great city. Amazing public parks, miles of bike paths along a meandering river, clean streets, great food, reasonable costs and some friendly people are all part of Boise.

Here is a video of the river outside one of our hotel rooms.

The state Capitol is Boise and the building is really impressive.

Boise really seems to concentrate on making sure children have the opportunity to play outdoors.

There is also a botanical garden where the old penitentiary used to be and now they also hold concerts there, which I think is a much better use of the land. The koi are so beautiful.

Then we headed down the road a couple of hours to see Shoshone Falls. Nothing like waterfalls to quiet the mind and stir the soul. I could have sat here for hours and just let the rushing water clear out my useless thoughts.

Finally, this afternoon we headed up to Ketchum or usually known as Sun Valley.

In this lodge, on the 2nd floor, Ernest Hemingway completed For Whom the Bell Tolls. Years later he shot himself in his new home in the same area. However one of his favorite watering holes in town was a tavern that was just 500 feet from our hotel room – so I went up there, sat at the bar and had a beer in his honor, to the creative spirit, and to the great struggle we all face sometimes.

The beer was good.