In The Middle of Nowhere

For some reason, which I don’t fully comprehend, I often long to be in the middle of nowhere.

These middle of nowhere places are often not the most beautiful places in the world, in the typical sense – but they have another type of beauty. Last week we drove through a middle of nowhere. It was called Camas County in  Idaho’s High Prarie country. With the size of about 1,100 square miles, it has about 1,100 people in the entire county… about 1 person per square mile. And, about 400 of the people live in the town of Fairfield, the county seat (where their courthouse is) leaving 1,099 square miles for the other 700 folks.


When I am in the middle of nowhere, there is lots of sky around and it does something to my psyche. I am happy, inspired, and often in awe of the space. Why? Perhaps, it puts my mind in the middle of nowhere too. There are no distractions and no expectations, just a sense of being. I do find myself wanting to create like maybe writing something, a story or a song. In the middle of nowhere my mind seems  to be free of all the noise that usually fills it up. I find my breathing even slows down.

I think, in our mind’s middle of nowhere, the mental air is cleaner, the mental views are boundless without a bunch of fences to navigate around, and the social aspect of our lives, including our own ego’s desires, is diminished, relegated to a lesser position in our consciousness. As I said, I don’t really understand it, but I can’t deny the feeling. The middle of nowhere is great place to spend some time, physically, mentally, and spiritually.