Dear Friends, My favorite hen died yesterday. She was by far the most social, the most curious of the flock.  If I was outside, say digging a hole, she'd run up and in impeccable chicken talk ask, "Whatcha doin'?"  I would reply in California English, "I am diggin' a hole." And, then she'd say something [...]

(When I first started writng this particular piece on anger, I trashed it. I was afraid it was both too real and also not real enough. I became concerned about how I would be viewed. I also realized that I needed to think more deeply about this topic. I have done so.) I don't remember [...]

I had a few minutes with my 17 year old grandson and we decided to set up a couple of Iphones and see if we could make a quick little video. This is just for learning how to do things like this. We want to make video of both of us singing a song and [...]

Where we live it gets warm in the summer, actually bordering hot. Not unusual to get 14 days in a row over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The upside of our summers are the fruits and vegetables that grow around here. These are peaches that grow on our deck on a dwarf peach tree. Look at the [...]

I am a bullet point kind of guy I hate, I mean, really hate long, descriptive literary pieces. I don't care about the particular knitting pattern for an argyle sweater that hangs like a stricken dove in the protaganist's closet which is lined in red cedar in order to prevent the invasive larvae of the [...]