The other evening, as I often do, I picked up my guitar and started strumming some basic chords and began creating different melodies.  I hadn't played my harmonica in awhile, so I pulled out a G major harp and then started playing over the chords I was strumming - which means every note will sound [...]

The other day I told this guy that I have a circus operating inside my head. He laughed, rather genuinely and vigorously. I took it that he does not have one. Inside my head I have trapeze artists swinging dangerously through the air. I have a lion trainer. I have a Ringmaster. There are dogs [...]

So many things to get done on our days off, this weekend I took a detour from all that. Saturday morning got up and headed down the hill to a favorite tomato stand out in front of the farmer's house. Got some great tomatoes. Then just a minute further down the road we swung by [...]