Song Explanation: Love Has Gone Away

Just an explanation of how some of my songs came to be. Putting it out there for a few friends on Soundcloud. Wishing the best for you. Gary

6 thoughts on “Song Explanation: Love Has Gone Away

      1. There was always a guitar around when I was growing up, I havent had one in a while but always enjoy hearing someone strumming and singing.. dont tell anyone but I was harmonizing along in the kitchen as I was listening!! Im not a great player but church upbringings and guitars tend to go hand in hand. Always ready for an Arlo cuddle although i have to take my place in the que.


  1. Another grand video Gary, really like hearing your songs stripped back and the explanations behind them!.

    I have to take issue with that book cabinet being untidy, it puts my to shame in its untidiness! I’ll message you a picture of my office desk!

    Out of interest who is your uk soundcloud friend who would appreciate Chet, we should hang out!


    1. Ok, I checked out those pictures of your office, and just at a quick glance I counted 6 cups/mugs within an arm’s reach. By the way the beard looks fantastic, a classic folk singer look. Yes, you know who I was referring to with the Atkins album. And, yes, that asbetos control method is a bit concerning!


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