When I was a little boy, one of my most comforting, secure moments in my life was when I was told it was time for bed AND then my parents and grandparents would sit around the kitchen table and play cards, usually pinochle.  I would lie in bed (it is lie not lay, right?) and listen to the most important adults in my life as they talked, laughed, and occassionally explained their unsuccessful card strategy to their partners.  There is something wonderful about resting knowing that people wiser, stronger were in charge of the night now. I could just close my eyes and listen and gently fall in sleep. I would surrender to the day’s anxieties and problems.

I am enrolled in a little online course through the Center for Action and Contemplation with what is really like a large book club and the book we are reading is The Immortal Diamond.  This is a nice fit as I continue to try to meditate for a few minutes everyday. Also, although based on the work of a Catholic priest, the book’s concepts are accessible to many faiths and at times for those without any religious belief.

With my meditation, of course, I can’t keep the squirrel quiet in my brain for very long, but I am learning to be more gentle with myself. (I have a theory that if I continue doing that… I will eventually end up being more gentle to those around me and I am certain they will declare, “Hallelujah” to the heavens for that!)

I do seem to have two minds, one which I call the squirrel (for now) and one that I am not totally familiar with but I experience it briefly, usually in a nature setting, and it is accompanied with a sense of awe. Beginning with meditation, and then slowing, quietly, simply, adding a reverent contemplation, I am hoping to add that sense of awe in other settings besides the Great Outdoors. Perhaps, there is also a Great Indoors?

During my brief mediation today, I tried to softy, gently, and lovingly tuck the “little boy” to sleep and let the wiser, deeper spirit have its time. But, as one of my favorite poets once wrote I have “miles to go before I sleep.” 

5 thoughts on “Quiet

    1. Yes, but I haven’t used it yet. I have been toying around with one call Breathe and considering the 10% Happier app too, but kind of pricey up front. I’ll check out Headspace, the guided ones really do help us beginners, I think. On a side note, I am using Duolingo (app) to learn Spanish and I really like that one. Best wishes to ya!

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      1. Thank you Gary! I will look at Breathe. The 10% Happier one is very popular. My daughter read the book. Headspace has been free to use thus far. Best wishes to you as well. xx


  1. What a lovely memory. I remember similar evenings. Also, on hot summer days when us kids were told to take a nap, I would listen to the adults chatting and laughing as they sat under the shade tree listening to a baseball game on the radio. Such a sense of peace and wellbeing. Thanks for the reminder to call up that memory and enjoy it again.


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