Sleeping has become an issue of late. Dreams of constant deaths, usually murders including my own, are common now. I thought you weren't supposed to die in your dreams? As a result, I don't look forward to evenings and very much look forward to mornings - which brings me to this empty diner so early [...]

It has been two weeks and one day since the fire changed our lives. Thinking clearly has become, increasingly, a problem. So let me just write some jumbled thoughts and like a jigsaw puzzle, maybe you can put the puzzle together. Speaking of jigsaw puzzles, every year on this day as far as I can [...]

I lived in a house, no let me start over. I lived in a home that echoed with 30 years worth of our laughter, sweat, anxiety, celebrations, arguments, prayers, tears, Easter egg hunts, middle of the night conversations, daughters' boyfriends I did not approve of, memories initiated from old photos, music, and hundreds of birthday [...]

Well, here we are the 2nd day of 65 days of  new socks. (See previous blog.) I am in a better mood and feel no need for vulgarity to express myself today. I am so much wiser now that I am fully 65 years old. Today is election day in the United States. For over [...]