No matter how many times I get on the Sacramento River, I find it all simply stunning. Late this afternoon, my son-in-law wanted to try out a new fishing pole. I just started taking photos with the IPhone. It makes me want to get a real camera. Happy New Year to you all. I am [...]

Thank you for the hardships for they have soften me and made me stronger. Thank you for the tears for through them rainbows of the heart appeared. Thank you for the chaos because it made me more aware of the spaces of peace. Thank you for the uncertainty because its path leads to God. I [...]

First let me share just a few photos of our recent and first trip back to our home in Paradise, California. Driving through our town was beyond words. I told a friend that they should rename the town to Holy Shit because that is what I said a lot as we drove through the disaster [...]

Last year four of us wrote an original Christmas song. I wanted to do something like that again this year, but the Paradise fire kind of made that very difficult. Still my dear Soundcloud friend, Chuck Aaron, took upon himself to keep the project moving forward. Chuck wrote the first verse and the chorus and [...]

Just before the Paradise fire burned up our house - (notice I didn't say 'home' as I am learning a home comes from the spirits of those living in a house. If those spirits are alive, so is the home, regardless of location.)- I was reading an interesting book, written by Richard Rohr, a interesting [...]

On occasion I will write and record some music. Sometimes I just record quickly on my cell phone, other times I will record multiple tracks on a computer. The songs range from spiritual to darn right near disgusting, but authentic for certain. I find that when I feel inspired to blog, I usually don't have [...]

Sitting next to my daughter’s house in our new trailer, the one we just got after the fire, I read this wonderful blog. I shook my head in amazement and just smiled.  I think you too will enjoy reading it. I hope I posted this correctly. Not too familiar with the phone app and WordPress! [...]