The Star

Last year four of us wrote an original Christmas song. I wanted to do something like that again this year, but the Paradise fire kind of made that very difficult. Still my dear Soundcloud friend, Chuck Aaron, took upon himself to keep the project moving forward. Chuck wrote the first verse and the chorus and I wrote the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th verses. Another dear friend, Lawrence Farr from Australia, sang the 3rd verse and Josh McAlexander sang the 2nd verse. Chuck is singing the 1st verse and I am singing the 4th verse. I was struck with how sad my voice sounded , but it is what it is, as they say around here…way too much, I should add. I am also adding last year’s collaboration effort with Mark Mayes from England singing/writing. Mark is such a supportive person. I enjoy his heart and humor very much. Finally, I am adding some Christmas songs I wrote and recorded. I hope you all are well.

With gratitude from Paradise, California.


Who Knows Why

Just before the Paradise fire burned up our house – (notice I didn’t say ‘home’ as I am learning a home comes from the spirits of those living in a house. If those spirits are alive, so is the home, regardless of location.)- I was reading an interesting book, written by Richard Rohr, a interesting person himself , about St. Francis of Assisi and his equally fascinating partner, St. Clare.

The author joked several times about looking beyond the birdbath when studying St. Francis. Personally I have always been attracted to concrete garden statues of St. Francis, even when I was a child and I had no knowledge of St. Francis. I loved his statues. Why? Who knows why.

So next to our driveway, we had a nice little flower garden with a waterfall we built from our own rock collecting. And, naturally we had a statue of St. Francis in the thick of it all. Take a look. If you can enlarge the picture, I think you will see St. Francis in the middle of it all.

We haven’t been allowed back into our town, but a military friend sent this picture below. The fence burned down and my now burned up work truck which was behind the fence, by the vanished chicken coop, is visible. If you can enlarge the photo, you’ll see that St. Francis still is watching over it all. Also, you’ll notice two cheap plastic chairs that broke and I was going to discard them. Yep, they survived just fine.

So here I was learning all about St. Francis and his likeness survived…along with kind of ugly plastic outdoor chairs.

Why? Who knows why.

Thank You

On occasion I will write and record some music. Sometimes I just record quickly on my cell phone, other times I will record multiple tracks on a computer. The songs range from spiritual to darn right near disgusting, but authentic for certain.

I find that when I feel inspired to blog, I usually don’t have much inspiration for writing music. During low-inspired music periods, I like to collaborate with others on Soundcloud.

At this moment, inspiration is low in both creative areas, so maybe I should join a gym and start working out again. (The ones in Paradise burned down.) Until then, here are a few songs and short explanations from the more than 40 songs I have on Soundcloud. (Sharing my songs and singing was another three year journey of getting over the fear of looking foolish.)

This one is about thanking all the people whose love is directly connected to action.

This one was written by 4 of us in different parts of the world.

This was written a few days before my father passed away. I miss him dearly. He was strong.

This one was inspired by the simple joy of hearing a child create his own music.

And, this one is from my 2nd cd, as I was trying to stretch my songwriting. Thank you all for such wonderful, kind, and wise words in your recent comments.


Sitting next to my daughter’s house in our new trailer, the one we just got after the fire, I read this wonderful blog. I shook my head in amazement and just smiled.  I think you too will enjoy reading it. I hope I posted this correctly. Not too familiar with the phone app and WordPress!   via Family