Small Spaces

First let me share just a few photos of our recent and first trip back to our home in Paradise, California. Driving through our town was beyond words. I told a friend that they should rename the town to Holy Shit because that is what I said a lot as we drove through the disaster on the way to our home.

Just for comparison, here are a few “before” photos.

The difference is heartbreaking, but….

… I continue to learn much from this experience.

As I write this I am sitting in this area in our travel trailer.

It is small and beautiful. Our soul supporting dog, Gracie is sleeping into a winter’s night.

And in the other corner is this little joy.

Christmas was a big thing in our old home. I would put up an elaborate Christmas town that I had collected through the years. The grandchildren would move the people throughout the town and their wonderful imagination would take over. We also often had more than one Christmas trees, sometimes three. The tree was decorated with ornaments that each told a story. Some were handmade by my children and grandmother. I miss that tradition. Still…

… my sister-in-law brought some Christmas ornaments to us this past weekend. A friend of hers had lost TWO houses in different California fires. She has a daughter with autism and her daughter makes ornaments. She gave my sister-in-law a bag of ornaments and said, “Take these to the people in Paradise.” They now hang on our small tree in our small space.

There is a small space within each of these ornaments. It finally dawned on me. I have been looking at big spaces for so long, I’ve forgotten the beauty of the small spaces in our lives. There are small spaces- mentally, physically, and spiritually spaces- available to me everyday. As I move forward, eventually to larger spaces, those lovely homemade ornaments will remind me every year to recognize the sacred of those small spaces.

If you don’t celebrate Christmas, when I say Merry Christmas, I am just saying “Love to you and yours and wishes of peace and joy.” That sacred small space belongs to us all.