A Wonder-Full Walk

Not too far from where we are staying, temporarily, is a wonderful preservep where the birds of the Pacific Flyway take their winter vacations. We took a casual 2 mile walk today and I pulled out my cellphone to take some photos. I think I am going to invest in a real camera.

There is something miraculous about being able to walk by the birds that have migrated from so far away to get to this part of the Sacramento Valley. The reserve is called Gray Lodge.

The mountain range in the background is the world’s shortest mountain range, the Sutter Buttes. Personally I am not much in favor of naming anything after “Captain” John Sutter of the California Gold Rush of 1849…but like they say, “that boat has left.” The Maidu Indians of this region called it “Middle Mountain” and it was where their ancestors’ souls would spend three days before continuing their journey from this world. I love the idea of Middle Mountain, because I think we all have a Middle Mountain in our lives, that special and sacred place… the center of our universe. A good friend of mine told me of an experience he had riding his bike to work one morning. It was simple but profound, and for that moment was his Middle Mountain.

Didn’t Black Elk speak of the center of the universe and isn’t everywhere? I think it is and for this afternoon, the center of my universe was walking by the snow geese.