Rainy Day People

I haven’t been very musically inclined lately, so I started thumbing through (literally using my thumb) some old music files on my IPhone… stuff I had recorded just messing around at one time or another.

I am not a fan of my voice, but with one song I recorded, Rainy Day People by one of my songwriting heroes – Gordon Lightfoot, I was struck by my take on the song and I heard the lyrics in a way I never had before. I suppose the events of the last couple months had a lot to do with it, but oh how I have come to appreciate the care and love of Rainy Day People. As I listened to my vocals, it almost seemed like my heart understood something back then that my head had not yet recognized. Interesting.

I sense that many of the bloggers that I enjoy following are Rainy Day People because they bring insight, both in words and pictures, that can only be presented or experienced after spending some time with pain, loss, disappointment.  I know my best conversations are with Rainy Day People. Surprisingly, these are not negative or morbid conversations, they are just impactful and supportive, and usually end up being quite hopeful. I am sure there is inspiration for other songs called, “People I talk to who make me want to jump off a cliff into the icy sea,” perhaps sung to another Lightfoot classic, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald -Try it, I think it might fit – but no need to go there.

Thank you Rainy Day People!