We are the official owners of a house, horse stables, barn, shop and 5 acres.

Realizing that it will probably be years before we can rebuild in Paradise and knowing that this wonderful travel trailer is going to be awfully hot to live in during the summer, we decided to buy a place in a very small farming community called Orland, about 45 minutes from Paradise. (Sounds funny.)

Once again, just like 30 years ago when we bought our home in Paradise (again, sounds funny) we were more drawn to the land than the house.

We are already painting the walls, getting ready to install some wood floors and new carpeting. Apparently I have also taken on 2 seven year old chickens, who have lived there their whole life and we couldn’t bare to upset their lives, and an eighty three year old gentleman who would still like to continue mowing the front lawn for us. Did I ever tell you I have a hard time telling some people no?

My plan is to get some sheep to keep the pasture under control, grow a huge garden, raise dogwood trees as nursery stock, and maybe get drunk one time out in the barn. I have earned it.

I sat at the new table we just brought in and quietly thanked God, asking God to bless this new house into a home.

I will post photos as we personalize the place including painting the exterior, probably white and beginning new landscaping projects.

Oh yeah, I promised my niece a baby goat.

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  1. I’m so happy for you! Some of my best healing came from living on 5 acres, or more. There is just something about the land!

    Sheep are a great idea! My daughter and I bottle fed two lambs when we had our farm, so maybe your niece would enjoy that?

    Welcome home Gary 😊

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    1. Gracias Eliza. Yes, I think I am going to have a lot of fun out there. The owner also left without us knowing it, 3 Koi fish in a little galvanized tub. So, that won’t do. One of our first projects outside will be to create a little Koi pond with a small waterfall coming into it. Then I will plant some Japanese Maples and Dogwood around it. Then my wife wants to plant a bunch of lavender. It will be a great place, I think.

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