Back to School

I am doing something kind of strange, I guess, for a gentlemen of my age. You see, I work around college students in an effort to support their academic and often, mental, well being. I did not pursue a doctorate degree instead choosing to stop my formal education with a Masters of Science in Accountancy. I know, I know…long story.

Anywho, although most of the students – actually I prefer to call them learners because for some reason, some people, sometimes, forget that students are human beings. Calling them learners helps me remember that they should be honored and respected for delaying economic gratification often in an effort to improve the lives of their families. Nearly all of the students I support are from a low economic background. I love helping them very much, but sometimes I feel a bit jealous that they get to learn about so many exciting topics and I get to go to meetings. So…

Our semester just began and I decided to create a mini-college experience for myself. I enrolled in 3 Udemy courses at a very reasonable price of $11.95 each. This includes music theory, writing, math and I purchased an American History textbook to go along with a Duolingo app I have on my phone – and now I have 5 courses including Spanish, Math, English, History, and Music Theory. My goal is to spend 10 – 15 minutes, 5 days a week, on each subject. Screw homework. I hated homework the first time around. I will try to do this for 16 weeks, the same length of our spring semester.

I hope I don’t flunk or get expelled for bad behavior. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Adios mi amigos. (If anyone knows how to add accent marks in WordPress, please let me know. Gracias.)