My mind is mush from all that is going on in my life. So let me just share a few photos and thoughts.

We spent the first night in our new house. It felt strange and I missed the echoes of our lives that filled our home in Paradise. I always will, and I suppose that is a good thing because it is a testament to all the messy, wonderful love in our lives.

Still, we don’t stay still for very long. Here are some before and after photos of what we are doing in our new place.

Looking from the new dining room table, through the kitchen.

And now with kitchenette set up…

The living room after painting but before new floor.

New floors…

Living room with furniture and television set up and exhausted doggy.

New carpet is in the bedrooms too, but no pic yet. Also got a hot tub for my tired old bones, just outside bedroom door. I need it just to keep moving. I am SO sore!!!

Leaving for work this morning, a mystical dance of the moon and planets. (Must buy a real camera to capture these moments!)

And, here is a photo of one of my granddaughters and her daddy while being hosted by the incredibly kind and talented Kelly Clarkson at her concert in the Bay Area last week. She honored Allyn’s actions during the fire as he served others while being in extreme peril. They had their own dressing room and all!

The Grateful Dead were correct…What a long strange trip it’s been.

4 thoughts on “Hey!

  1. Wonderful house Gary. Looks like you have completed a lot of work and deserve that hot tub. None of your blogs have been appearing in my space on WordPress the last few weeks and I thought you were having a rest, then all of a sudden this one pops up. Glad to hear you are starting to settle down again. Looks like some wide open spaces there as well.

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