The Wind

Lately, when outdoors – with the wind being a bit stronger than a breeze, but less than a hurricane – I have noticed a feeling of connectedness.

It started a few years ago while we were walking by a glacier fed river in Montana and I read a signpost that said the water in the stream fell almost 2,000 years ago. Later I started thinking about how there is a finite amount of water in our closed system. What there is, is all that there is.

Then one day I started reading a book that was written specifically for those challenged by complicated scientific theories (Me!!!) and the author indicated that our bodies consisted of the same materials that makes up everything in the universe. We had commonalities with the stars. This was a nice thought. Reminded me of a favorite Pointers’ Sisters song.

Finally, I was walking, no more like strolling, one day and the wind was blowing about when the thought occurred to me that I might be breathing the very same air as Jesus had put up his nostrils. Perhaps Jesus’ dna was flying around the world along with everyone that ever lived. That was a little too much for me, so I backed off to this possibility… I very well could be breathing the same air that the people I have met from all over the world through social media were also breathing. It made me feel connected and then it wasn’t very difficult to expand that sense of connectedness to absolutely everything. This felt good. It also felt true.