Here is an update on some of the work we’ve been doing on the new place….

Started painting the house an off-white and added some shutters around the window… old color, new color.

Turned one of the 5 horse stalls into a chicken coop for 8 new chicks. Yes, Pinterest is where this idea came from. (You can’t see it, but I alse built a chicken roost area.) The openings are nesting areas for nice little getaways to lay one’s eggs, away from the hustle and bustle and politics of the farmyard.

Also, created a play area for the grandchildren in another portion of the barn. Going to get 20 more bales of hay to make it taller. Bales of hay seem to weigh much more than they did when I was younger!

After doing all this work, two steps away from the bedroom door is a hot tub. I use it…a lot! Yes, I still have to paint the rest of the house.

Bought a couple of rocking chairs. Off to the right is where we will put in an above ground pool. It gets 115 degrees F out here.

Behind our property there are 3 acres of cherry trees – just starting to blossom.

And finally, looking out our other bedroom window, into the horse arena, we have the neighbors’ sheep eating down the grass. We are going to begin building planter boxes in the arena to grow vegetables and flowers.

That is it so far. I am sure next weekend, someone I know very well will see something on Pinterest.

God bless you all!