In the Closet

A few years before my father died, I went into his closet and I was stunned to see how few clothes he had in there.

He was the kind who believed that a man only needed one coat, two pairs of shoes – one for yard work and another for going to church.

My closet was much different before the fire, but since then I have adopted his philosophy regarding clothes. Although, I still have to dress up a little bit for going to work, I have limited the shirts in my closet to just a few. It does make it easier to decide what to where that day and it also makes sure the laundry pile doesn’t get very large.

Sometime after looking into my father’s closet, I jotted down some lyrics and sent them off to a wonderful Soundcloud buddy, Chuck Aaron. Chuck made a couple of adjustments and added some music, played the guitar and recorded our song. It  brought tears to my eyes when I first heard it.