Zen Peas and Gratitude

The heat is putting an end to my sugar peas. I pulled them out and we transplanted some zinnias in their place. Crossing my fingers for the zinnias-they don’t like to be messed with.

After planting some corn and squash, and fertilizing the citrus trees with an organic product, and then weeding around the grapes, raspberries (transplanted from our Paradise home), also around the small, but blooming honeydew melon plants, and some blueberries, I sat down and watched my San Francisco Giants play on tv while I shelled the final harvest of the sugar peas.

Soon I was kind of mesmerized by the whole shelling thing. It was like a form of meditation. Cooked them up for dinner. It is really cool to eat what you have grown.

Grandchild 6 of 7, heard about the fish biting yesterday and she made her uncle take her out on the Sacramento River this afternoon.

First two casts, two fish.

She lost her home and all her belongings in the Paradise fire. Both her parents worked at the hospital that burned down. Many difficult changes for their family. It is wonderful to see her smiling.

She caught so many fish today that she got bored and she and her cousin, grandchild 4 of 7, went over to an island and played like they were in a Mark Twain story.

Thank you God, or whatever your name is. Those two moments, fresh peas and happy grandchildren, make me feel like I am so blessed.