Thinkin’ About The Old Days

When I was a child my grandfather would occasionally bring out his old harmonica and he’d play an old hymn, like How Great Thou Art. He was not a church going man during those days nor did he ever display much love for the arts – so this was always a very special moment for me and my cousins. It was actually magical. From those experiences I came to love the sound of the harmonica.

I have never really bothered to take the time to learn how to play any instrument. I just sort of play around with them and so it is the same with the harmonica. Right after my father died a year and half ago, I pulled out the harmonica and played it with the guitar as I just wrote whatever came to my mind. My heart was broken at the time and this is the song that came from all that. I just recorded into the IPhone, nothing professional about it all – but I think it has something. I think I will post a few other songs where I was messing around with the harmonica.

I miss you dad and I miss you grandpa.