Woke up this morning and I looked out the front window.

Then I walked into the kitchen and I looked out the back window.

Those flowers were just picked from the backyard.

I went outside to water a little garden I am growing to see what will grow well out here in Orland, California.

The corn is doing well and the watermelons are setting and growing. The squash is delicious. The honeydew melons and the pumpkins and the gourds are thriving. The sunflowers are turning toward the afternoon sun. The tomatoes are starting to turn.

The planter box I built with a 97 year old friend is filled with zinnias and sunflowers. I put a few dwarf blueberry plants in front of it to see how they would do in the heat. It gets darn hot out here. We’ve been picking blueberries and they taste great.

Also put in a few grapes and they seem to like it out here too.

By the way, see that pond container? When we bought this place the previous owner said on her way out, “Oh by the way, there are 3 Koi in that bucket out back.”

I will get back to that in a minute.

The flowers are doing great on the little berm we created.

Tomorrow is our 46th wedding anniversary. We decided we would give a gift to the 3 Koi fish in honor of it and because very few things make us happier than creating beautiful outdoor spaces. So we brought in 20 yards of soil today so we can create a water feature that will run into the new Koi pond.

I still need to mow the horse arena. Those dandelions keep growing from the late spring rains.

Today was irrigation day, so out back I go to try to figure out how this flood irrigation thing works. Obviously, I am still learning!

Finally I jump into the pool. I am a big baby when it comes to dealing with hot weather.

Then it is time to play ball with Gracie, our dog, and hold the two new kittens, Linus and Lucy. They seem to be very comfortable in my chair.

Also posted a new song on my Soundcloud site. This song was written with fond memories for some of my favorite hymns as a child, the ones that weren’t pretentious and were easy for us ‘sinners’ to sing.

Life is good – Love is better. Big love to ya’ll.