In-dependence Day

This year, on the 4th of July-an American holiday- we had 24 family members and friends over at the new place. It was a warm day.

The children all jumped into the pool. I chose a place to sit under some shade trees, out by the barn, and I turned on a nearby sprinkler so that a slight mist might come my way.

I listened to the children play in the pool and I realized that the unique shrieks, laughter, and other sounds they make are only created when children are playing in summertime water. I smiled.

I then watched as my adult children laughed among themselves and I realized what a blessing it is when your children grow up to enjoy each other.

As I watched this scene before me, I started missing my father. I wished he could have sat next to me and watched this large family enjoying their moments and their day.

I also thought of my wife’s father, and many others who no longer are with us. Yet, as I sat out there, under that tree, it felt like they were with us.

Tears came to my eyes for a moment. Although, proud and grateful for my freedom, it seemed to me our dependence should also be celebrated. We need one another.

Then I became aware again of the children’s joyful sounds and I got up thinking, “This is good, this In-dependence day.” I went and ate two hot dogs and some potato salad.