I think one of the nice things about growing older is, if you ever had an issue worrying about what other people thought about you or your actions, you finally get so sick of that mental anguish that you might just finally let go of it and have some real fun. Here are a couple [...]

I am nearing 66 years old and retirement is often on my mind. For the past 20 plus years I have worked with college students, many who are the first in their families to attend college. The thing about working at a college, I keep getting older and the students stay the same age. I [...]

I have always enjoyed looking down paths and through gates and arches. They seem to me to be an invitation to the unknown, a road trip for the soul. They are examples of the extraordinary that is often within the ordinary. This particular arch is behind one of my favorite places, an old chapel in [...]

Often when I write a song or post a blog, I don't fully comprehend what is behind it. Sometimes months later I understand it much differently. Such is the case with this one, originally titled Clueless in Orland.  Having a day or so to think about it, I changed the title to Transformation because that [...]

  A colleague of mine, from work, recently lost her mother and the services for her were last Wednesday and Thursday. I am very fond of this co-worker and her entire family. I attended the Catholic mass on Thursday. The church is in a small farming community and I was surprised to find that the [...]