Gracie – Guest Blogger

Hello everyone. My name is Gracie and Gary is one of my humans. (He’s the grumpy one, but I just ignore that trait.)

I LOVE chasing balls, and if I say so myself, I am rather gifted at catching them too.

My doctor recently said I was 20 pounds overweight, so I’ve switched to a new type of food. I LOVE eating, even watermelons.

If you come over to my house, there is a 99.99% chance that I will try to jump up on you. I blame my humans for their inconsistency in my training. The grumpy one thinks it is pretty nice to be greeted so enthusiastically when he comes home from work. I LOVE humans.

I am 3 years old and says I am part Poodle and Golden Retriever although I never met my father. You know, one of those things. My brother, Lincoln, lives with my humans’ daughter and her family. Whenever Lincoln is around me he jumps on me from behind and starts getting his freak on and all the humans yell simultaneously, “Lincoln, knock it off!!!” Personally, I don’t get it. Perhaps I have shared too much?

Well, it is time for me to get some shut eye. My favorite place to sleep in the summer is on the tile in the bathroom. The grumpy one is so kind that he usually gets up once, sometimes twice, during the night to check on me. He often lovingly says to me “Hey, move dummy.” What a human!