Sacredness Everywhere

Each day I try to extend my physical horizons a little bit as I recover from surgery.

Today we drove down the road a little ways to the Sacramento National Refuge, a part of the Pacific Flyway.

I am not a Catholic, but I easily agree with the Franciscan idea that God’s creative energy exists in all things.

Last year after the fire, I remember smiling as I watched a beautiful fall-colored leaf dance to the ground. Something about losing much that makes you appreciate the little things.

When I first got home from this latest “set back” I watched a small flock of birds fly over my head, darting about, but still seemingly knowing their destination-just like that leaf the year before. I smiled again as I was so happy to see those birds fly. Again the little things bringing a spontaneous sense of joy.

We took the auto tour today at the refuge- among all the snow geese and so many other varieties of birds. When you are in the middle of thousands of birds, a sense of sacredness rises. It starts with an awareness of the gift and then a sense of gratitude for the gift-er.