I was tired. Bringing in all the groceries and putting half of them away, I hit the "wall" that marathoners speak about. It was the longest I had been out and about since surgery; I retreated to the spare bedroom, the one with the cheap soundbar connected to a television which produces a cleaner sound [...]

When I started writing music, I had 2 goals... 1) write one song that is at least half as good as any John Prine tune and 2) write a Christmas song that others would enjoy.  With my friends on Soundcloud,  we started collaborating once a year to write and record a new Christmas song. It [...]

An audio version: Compliance has been my enemy for a long time. We have had some epic battles over the years. My first big one was with the public education system. When I was 4 years old, my kindergarten teacher put me a dark closet and she forgot I was in there for the entire [...]