I have often heard from colleagues that other people are afraid of me because I look mean or pissed off.  People say they are are surprised when they see others laughing with me. Partly I am ok with that because, well, there are some folks I just as soon not engage with, but maybe I [...]

I was going through the photos on my phone thinking I need to buy a real camera, especially as I inch closer to retirement. This morning, in my random thoughts, I got stuck on great photographers. What makes a great photograph? For me, I decided, it was when a photograph actually stops my habitual thinking [...]

Having started back to work this week after a two and half month absence for a medical leave, it is taking me a bit to get into that morning groove. I find myself rushing around to get out the door by my declared 6:45 a.m. departure goal. I scampered about looking for my shoes. I [...]

Last night: “Hey, you two come over here and give your old grandpa a hug.” Yes, I am wearing overalls. Given up on fashion trends. Today: “ I don’t want to work in the yard today. Let’s take a drive.” Shasta Dam, about an hour north of where we live now. On a clear day, [...]

soundcloud.com/awrencearr/do-wop-girl-gl-last Where I find writing to be a very solitary activity, creating music offers the opportunity to be more collaborative. This is the latest collaborative effort between myself and a good friend in Australia, Lawrence Farr. Thought it was time for a new Do Wop tune!

This year, I must l stay on top of the weeds and grass. This little section has taken hours to cut using a hand held weed eater and the push weed eater. As I work on it, I have been thinking that it sure is easier to take care of our problems while they are [...]

Just about have a new song to release through Soundcloud. I worked with my good friend Laurence who lives in Australia. We just exchange files back and forth until we're happy with the result. I write some; he writes some...and he puts all the music together. In other words, he does all the hard work. [...]

It has been nine weeks since I had the much unexpected surgery to remove part of my gut. I had no idea there was anything wrong until there was something very wrong.  I have made a few changes since that operation. For one thing, I was basically addicted to diet sodas and it was hard [...]