When I first started writing songs, I had no intention of singing them, However, soon I discovered that the songwriter needs to give breath to their songs if the songs were to have a life of their own… and so you get the singer-songwriter genre.

The highest form of praise though is when others sing something you uh – I don’t want to say create because for me songwriting is more of recognizing something than creating it and by the way that pretty much sums up my whole religious philosophy, just recognize what has always been there whether we see it or not – something you recognized and put it into a musical form.

Two very good friends, both on the other side of the pond, recently covered songs I, uh, recognized (this ain’t gonna work) uh, recorded.

Les is a man of many names. He recently covered Drinking with Hemingway. I love how he found space between the words and the notes and didn’t rush anything. Always have loved his vocals and his natural poetic rhythms.

David only uses one name that I know of. He focuses his energies on always improving his guitar playing and he has recorded some amazing guitar instrumentals. David recorded a couple of my songs including this most recent one, Know That I Love You. David gets me as a songwriter and he also adds his own sense of timing in his vocals which I really enjoy.

Thank you Les and Thank you David!