Fruity Notes

Just about have a new song to release through Soundcloud. I worked with my good friend Laurence who lives in Australia. We just exchange files back and forth until we’re happy with the result. I write some; he writes some…and he puts all the music together. In other words, he does all the hard work. Maybe by this weekend I can share it here.

Got half of my little orchard planted yesterday. I am planting semi-dwarf varieties – pears, apples, apricots, peaches, nectarines… so far. I’ll eventually have 24 trees out behind the barn/shop and 12 fruit trees in front along the property line.  This goes with the 16 olive trees we planted too. Need to find some mandarin trees next… at a reasonable price. Been trying to purchase bare root trees to save money. They’re about a year behind the potted ones – but it all adds up. Won’t find citrus in bare root though. When I am all done, I should have about 50 fruit and citrus trees. My goal – my family will tell you I always have to have a numeric goal – is to eat fruit or citrus once a day, all year long, from our place.  Next up: creating a compost/worm bin and using it for all the incredible amount of cardboard used in packaging from Amazon and online distributors!

Back to music: This song has suddenly been getting  some plays on my Soundcloud site. Made me listen to it again. Kind of a cool song. It was inspired by this young man I knew who bragged to me about his, uh, lifestyle. As he talked, I thought, “Man, you’re going to end up someday a very lonely person.” He was a good looking kid, but we know how that ends up. Physical beauty is fleeting at best and useless at worse – but that’s not what most of us are culturally and informally taught. What this has to do with fruit trees? Beats me.