Old Barns

I was going through the photos on my phone thinking I need to buy a real camera, especially as I inch closer to retirement.

This morning, in my random thoughts, I got stuck on great photographers. What makes a great photograph? For me, I decided, it was when a photograph actually stops my habitual thinking and I become aware of the connections in life, in-all-of-life. I realize, in some manner that I cannot fully comprehend, that I am connected to the subject. This awareness of being connected in some type of cosmic web of life is what makes a piece of art significant for me, regardless of the medium or form. Mandalas might be the simplest model of this very mystical feeling.

I have always loved looking at old barns. I even once looked for a coffee table book about old barns. Old barns remind me of old people – weathered, for certain, but still standing with oh such wonderful stories to tell and wisdom to share.