RBF Problem

I have often heard from colleagues that other people are afraid of me because I look mean or pissed off.  People say they are are surprised when they see others laughing with me. Partly I am ok with that because, well, there are some folks I just as soon not engage with, but maybe I need to be conscious of my facial expressions.

I went on this website where they use software to analyze a photo of you to determine if you are a sufferer of Resting Bitch Face (RBF) – sorry for the gender attachment, I didn’t make it up, although I have heard it also expressed as RDF… meaning Resting Dick Face.


Anyway, here is what kind of got me thinking more about the possibility that I suffer from RBF.  The other day one of my favorite students wanted a photo with me. I was really happy to be in the photo with her. I love this student and I gave it my best camera smile…


Now, I kind of felt that I could even have smiled bigger, so they took a 2nd photo…


I think we’d all agree, I nailed it, right???

So, I sent the first photo in for the RBF exam because, well, I guess I was resting in that one, not trying so hard to grin.

Here are the results…


download 3.png

download (2).png

Disgusted!!!! It says I look disgusted and I was trying to smile my ass off!!!!!! I was darn happy at that moment. I should have taken a selfie the moment I read my results and sent that in for their lame-ass analysis. They disgust me.

But, it also said I was between the ages of 45 and 55 – but I am actually 66.

So, what I conclude from all this:

  1. Maybe I should start taking smiling lessons. I think my family and friends would support that idea.
  2. Smiling a lot can really age you. A disgusted look  delays the wrinkles. Queen Elizabeth also has been identified as a classic RBF’er and I think she looks really good for her age.