Two things I don’t understand: Why when I allow Linus, the young cat, to share the middle of the bed, on a soft blanket, and with his belly full from the top of the line cat food paid with my hard earned money, why would that same cat attack my hand when I reach over [...]

A short story using autocorrect suggestions on my phone. Autocorrect is my enemies . I am trying to eat myself better this new year. Actually started when in the House for nine days after incredible surgery. I have to email in small amounts now. And I am taking several different probiotics for Guthrie Heath. I [...]

I am sitting here watching the news coverage of the Iranian missile attacks.... A commercial came on about some poor woman with thin eyebrows... Iran seems like it has been an enemy of my country for my entire adult life... Fortunately for the woman with the eyebrow disability there is a makeup solution that gives [...]

I try really hard not to use social media for political statements. I figure folks get enough of that elsewhere, regardless of their political stance. When I do engage with people with different political opinions than mine, I do not belittle their ideas. I try to understand their perspectives.  I find President Trump to be [...]

When I first started writing songs, I had no intention of singing them, However, soon I discovered that the songwriter needs to give breath to their songs if the songs were to have a life of their own... and so you get the singer-songwriter genre. The highest form of praise though is when others sing [...]

Just a quick follow up on yesterday’s blog posting. I failed at keeping my New Year’s resolution at 41 hours 17 minutes into the new year. I guess it was just too lofty of a goal. Oh well, good thing I am loved!

... Ah, to have perfect vision for this New Year. ... I stayed awake on New Year's eve quite late. I didn't fall asleep until 8:45 p.m. Pacific Coast Standard Time. ... I announced in the kitchen this morning, while cooking oatmeal - I think my friends in the UK call it porridge- that I [...]